The Osier Lab at RIT

Michael V. Osier, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Biological Sciences
Office: 08-1338
Current schedule and courses

Research interests

Our lab group studies genomics and transcriptomics of agricultural and invasive plant species. We combine use of existing bioinformatics and computational biology tools with development of our own tools.

Select publications

  • Kesel E, Hudson AO, Osier MV. (2022) Whole-Genome Sequence, Assembly and Annotation of an Invasive Plant, Lonicera maackii (Amur Honeysuckle). Plants, 11:3253.
  • Musich R, Cadle-Davidson L, Osier MV. (2021) Comparison of Short-Read Sequence Aligners Indicates Strengths and Weaknesses for Biologists to Consider. Frontiers in Plant Science,
  • Barba P, Lillis J, Stephen Luce R, Travadon R, Osier M, Baumgartner K, Wilcox WF, Reisch BI, and Cadle-Davidson L. (2018) Two dominant loci determine resistance to Phomopsis cane lesions in F1 families of hybrid grapevines. Theoretical and Applied Genetics,
  • Thomas JA, Quintana ADB, Bosch MA, De Pena AC, Aguilera E, Coulibaly A, Wu W, Osier MV, Hudson AO, Weintraub ST, and Black LW. (2016) Identification of Essential Genes in the Salmonella Phage SPN3US Reveals Novel Insights into Giant Phage Head Structure and Assembly. Journal of Virology, 90:10284-10298.
  • Osier MV. (2016) VitisPathways: gene pathway analysis for V. vinifera. Vitis, 55:129-133.
  • Osier MV. (2014) A Board Game for Undergraduate Genetics Vocabulary and Concept Review: The Pathway Shuffle. Journal of Microbiology and Biology Education, 15:328-329.
  • Ganti S, Taylor SL, Aboud OA, Yang J, Evans C, Osier MV, Alexander DC, Kim K, and Weiss RH. (2012) Kidney Tumor Biomarkers Revealed by Simultaneous Multiple Matrix Metabolomics Analysis. Cancer Research, 72:3471-9.
  • Uduman M, Reynolds C, Osier MV. (2006) A Genetic Algorithm and a Searching Heuristic for Application in Bioinformatics. In "Intelligent Engineering Systems Through Artificial Neural Networks-Volume 16." ASME Press.
  • Osier, M.V., Pakstis, A.J., Soodyall, H., Comas, D., Goldman, D., Odunsi, K., Okonofua, F., Parnas, J., Schulz, L., Bertranpetit, J., Bonne-Tamir, B., Lu, R.-B., Kidd, J.R., and Kidd, K.K. (2002) A Global Perspective on Genetic Variation at the ADH Genes Reveals Unusual Patterns of Linkage Disequilibrium and Diversity. American Journal of Human Genetics, 71:84-99.
  • Cheung, K.H.*, Miller, P.L, Kidd, J.R., Kidd, K.K., Osier, M.V.*, Pakstis, A.J. (2000) ALFRED: a Web-accessible allele frequency database. Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing 639-650. * Joint first-author
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Sarah Teeter
Samantha Tran

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